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Hoosier Nationals
Hoosier Nationals, Portage Indiana. We piled in the Denali with Toddzilla Roben, Blake Guyer, Shawn Roben, Jimmy Gray, Jeremy Nothom, Kelly Jumbo Jet Petschen. Friday Jim and I decided to just run Cruisers, A, I want to get some cruiser points, and didn't want to really 'spend' all my energy after the drive all day friday. Jim Did well on friday, and I managed a 3rd, I should have been second but fell asleep at the gate! I didn't make semis for crusier on saturday but did get a win in 41 and over intermediate!Sunday though I semi's and transferred to main in 41-45 cruiser, plus a 2nd in 41+ Intermediate! great time, the kids were great the whole time... Like the track, it was pretty fast, and other than the first few rollers in the rythym being peaky, it was smooth! Makes me realize how spoiled we are here in St. Cloud MN with Pineview Park BMX... Thanks to all my sponsors for the help... BELL Helmets, ODI Grips, FELT bicycles, Bombshell parts, Revolution Cycle and ski!
Land O' Lakes Nationals
ABA BMX comes to St Cloud MN! The Land O Lakes nationals were the first weekend in August, and I was just coming back off an injury, a pulled tendon from my quad to the knee. Anyway, I raced the wednesday before at a local race and decided to go ahead and race the national as well. Friday's pre-race I had a younger expert in my 'class' race, I was able to stay close to him and transfer first round, I also got a good start and finished 2nd in first round of 41-45 cruiser getting a direct transfer to the main. Main event I was able to duplicate on my class bike, taking a 2nd place but getting expert points due to the expert that beat me! On my cruiser, I got a really poor start, but managed to come back and get a 3rd... Saturday National number one, I qualified right off the bat on class, on my cruiser I had to go to second round qualifier, but I managed to get in to my second national main event in a row in the uber competitive 41-45 cruiser class. Come main event time I was super stoked, got a good start, and was set on winning my first national main event, going into the second berm I collided with another rider, and blew both feet off my pedals, and couldn't find them ending up 7th. heart breaker... In the cruiser main, I got a crappy start again, but stayed with the pack ending up getting one position as Roberts launched himself off the track. So my first ever main event in Rockford IL was 8th place, my second national main event I got 7th! Sunday, early morning races, National number 2. Cruier race I wasn't quite close enough to fight for the qualifying spots of 1st and 2nd. But was solid in 3/4 battle. In which I easily transferred second round. On my class bike I got my second best gate of the weekend and got out front winning round one qualifier, direct transfer to the main... Main event time, my 3rd cruiser national main in a row! loving the trends right now, and was actually in the mix this time, fighting for position, and moving my best finish up another notch! so my national cruiser main event finishes, in order. 8th, 7th, 6th. guess I should expect a 5th at my next one!?!? Now my last race of the weekend. 41+ Inter, I was a man on a mission. this was MY race to win, and I took it from the getgo I got my BEST gate of the weekend, and by the first obstacle i had pulled out front and never checked up, or looked back, scoring my first national win!! Thanks to all who helped me get here! BELL Helmets, FELT bicycles, ODI grips, Revolution Cycle & Ski...
Another State Qualifier
Glencoe Minnesota, Buffalo Creek BMX Had a small group from Revolution Cycle & Ski there, enough for a team sheet. Blake did very well on his Felt, in both the 19-27 Expert class and the Pro Am, Shawn did excellent as well after a pretty serious crash in Spicer, and still on the mend, he managed a mid pack finish in a VERY competitive class. Alex had a killer day too posting a great finish for the team! The Ohnstad boys showed up too and had a good race as well. I had the makings of a stellar weekend, until... the Cruiser main. find my TenRacing Facebook page for a video... Where I got squirrley out of the second berm over the double and landed on my knee! OUCH.. so I got either 6 or 7th, because I did get up and finish, and was able to take the gate and a few pedals on my class bike to roll to a 3rd place finish... considering the crash I will take the finishes. But I was definitely dissappointed crashing. Don't think it was anybody's fault but my own, but don't tell Scott Kraker, I am gonna blame him! David Christensen won, not too bad for an OLD guy... and Lance White did an awesome job with a third after having to take serious evasive manuvers to keep from running me over. Thanks Lance! over all it was a good time, I kind of like the track there, and they did a great job this year getting the event in a more timely fashion. Thanks again to my sponsors, FELT bikes, BELL Helmets, ODI grips, Revolution Cycle & Ski, and Donahue Harley-Davidson.
Spicer State Qualifier Race

Spicer Minnesota, June 4th, Minnesota State qualifier

Team Revolution cycle and ski was well represented!  JP, Cory, Kyle, Travis, Eddie, Gen, Shawn, Alex, and Myself.  The track was small but a cool layout.  Because Pineview Park has built such a fabulous world class track this year, this track seemed pretty easy!  I mean even an old fart like me was jumping stuff!  The Team ended up with 3rd (unofficially) for the State Team challenge series.  posting some good finishes!  Shawn pulled a 2nd, Eddie won the Pro Am race, I won my class race and posted a 2nd in 41-45 cruiser.  Gen batteled back and forth for a 3rd, Kyle posted a 2nd or 3rd, Cory posted a 4th, the only two that didn't make main were JP and Alex. 

I was super excited to do well, as I have not really been back on the bike since I sprained my wrist in Phoenix over St Pattys day weekend, especially at speed.  All in all I was very happy with my finishes, and super proud of the team, we had a great showing, and a good time! 

Thanks to all that help me and the Revolution BMX team...

FELT, BELL helmets, ODI grips, Fast Eddie's water conditioning,, Elliot McGrath MPPT, Bombshell.


I was fortunate to find really great airfare to Phoenix, and my In laws live in Sun City West, just 15 minutes from Speedworld BMX, home of the Winter Nationals for 2011.  We shipped our bikes down, Jim, Eddie, and I.  Oma and Opa were very gracious and put us up for the few days we were in town.  They had a VERY wonderful Irish meal on St. Patty's Day, we even had 3 extra guests, BMXer's Elliot McGrath and Brandon Brown from Stile Industries, and Vet Pro Adam Treadwell from Oregon.  Sorry I don't remember who you ride for Adam...  After a wonderful meal, we headed out to Speedworld, the track was smooth, and FAST, the Big Hill pro stuff I heard was kinda flat, but we didn't have to ride it anyway.  After practice was done, all the guys wanted to go to a bike park on the other side of town. so we threw the bikes in the car and headed across Phoenix, we got there shortly before it closed.  We did get to ride it for a bit, and I should have left my bike in the car...  I wasn't even doing anything cool, just sitting on my bike rolling around the 'pit' and didn't see a little drop off...  With only one hand on the handlebar it shoved the other hand into my gut, tweaked my wrist and threw me on the concrete. I ended up with a sprained wrist and was unable to race all weekend... 

Jim, and Eddie rode well, Jim was fighting for transferrs all weekend but was unable, to get a spot on Saturday as another rider bonzai'd him in the last berm taking himself and Jim out handing the transfer to someone else.  Eddie managed to make semi's Saturday, but making a pass in the first berm and washed out... 

Elliot was the class of the field in the 19-27 Expert class, winning almost every race he was on the track, but the most memorable moment was his huge tire grab over the second pro set jump in the Quarter Finals saturday night...  so at least we got to hang out with a winner  =;^)

So we went to one of the biggest races of the year, ended up with no main events, and a sprained wrist, but had a great time and enjoyed the wonderful weather! 

Even though I didn't get a chance to ride it much, have to thank FELT BIKES, BELL HELMETS, ODI GRIPS, REVOLUTION CYCLE&SKI, for all they do to support me and our team... 

An extra shout out to Colin Stiles, Elliot McGrath, and Brandon Brown, for their help and hospitality at the track! 

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