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Off To The Races
Team Donahue Harley-Davidson/Revolution Cycle and Ski was off to the races on November 15th to Rehbeins Indoor BMX in Lino Lakes.  After chasing around getting the kids and myself registered, we had 5 races for our team.  I was up first in Moto 6 on my Cruiser; I ended up not transferring in the first moto. 
Second up was Mason, He had a good start and was looking great but got tangled up with another rider in the first berm falling down, he got right back up and finished second which will prove to pay off later in the evening. 

Next up was Sydney; she is racing against boys yet and is finding it difficult but did an awesome job and seems to be getting faster every time out! 

Next was Jim, he didn’t get such a great start and did not transfer in the first moto either…  and in the LAST moto, against riders HALF my age, I rode the class bike, and watched all the guys slowly pull away from me…  so Mason was the only one that was going to be in the feature this evening so far.  
Moto 2!    I transferred to the feature on the cruiser, Mason checked out in his class!  Sis reeled in some of the boys but did not have enough to transfer, and Jim won his Moto to transfer to the feature!  Last Moto Again, I’m out there chasing kids half my age, landed a little short on the small double into the second berm and almost crashed, putting my foot down hard, and my heel is still tender 3 days later!  Of course that eliminates me from the feature for my class bike, (it’s much more fun racing guys my own age)  
FEATURE TIME!  Up first again, I got a great start on my cruiser and managed to hang on to second place!  Next up was Mason, remember I said getting up and finishing second earlier in the day would pay off?  Well Mason ran what ABA refer’s to as ‘total points’  so if there is 3 riders only in a class the all run both moto’s and the feature,  first place gets 1 point, 2nd place 2 points, and 3rd 3.  The person with the LEAST points after all three gets the win!  So Mason got 2,1,1 for a total of 4, the person that won the first one got 1,2,2 for 5 points, MASON GETS HIS FIRST WIN!!!

Way to Go Mason!  Jim’s up next and the final rider for Team Donahue/Revolution, and he rocks a 2nd place! Great Job Jim!  

Photos coming shortly!


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