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BMXing Dec. 6th

December 6th,

Team Donahue Harley-Davidson/Revolution Cycle and ski ventured out in the new Team Van to Rehbeins Indoor BMX track...Just Jim and I racing this time... Jim ended up racing against Intermediate level racers and I was racing only 2 others in class (20" bike), one was an expert the other an old guy like me,  in Cruiser (24" bike) we had 7 racers!

Most were older guys like me so it was really fun but challenging! In Cruiser, I had a poor start and did not transfer, and in Jim's race he also got a poor start and did not transfer in the first moto, and in my class race because there was only 3 of us they have what they call 'total points'  so no matter where you would place in the first 2 motos you run all 3, 1st place gets 1 point 2nd 2 and 3rd 3. after the last race whoever has the least amount of points gets 1st place then 2nd and 3rd accordingly, I was pretty stoked to get first behind an young expert, in the first moto!  

Second moto, Jim transferred!  against mostly intermediates, I transferred as well in cruiser and got a decent start but got overtaken in the first berm and ended up third...  so three races and three feature moto appearances for the DHD revolution team!
As far as the features are concerned we had less than a stellar showing...  I jumped the gate early and about did a front flip before the gate even dropped!  OOPS!  Jim had a really poor start and ended up at the end of the field trying to play catchup,  and in class I again got overtaken in the first berm, (need to work on that a little bit!) so the class bike for me was the only place the team took,  hope to be able to go a couple more times over the winter and we are planning on a full season next summer!

Oh yeah and it looks like I have earned the number 10 district number on my cruiser this year.... hmmm funny how God works sometimes!

Thanks for reading along! 
Brett Donahue



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