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BMX racing 3-7-09

Well the family and I headed down to to race on saturday night. 

Sydney and I were the only 2 racing.  Sis got to race her new Supercross frame, and really has improved alot, she has a BIG learning curve, starting out at ten as a girl makes it tough, by 10 most of the boys have been racing a while, there  was also a small turn out for her age group so she had to race intermediates! She hung in there and did good, the ODI grips and BELL helmets sponsored young lady did not make the feature, but she is picking up speed!

I raced both classes, the cruiser was up first, it was a very unusual night as we had 9 cruisers!  more than a full gate!  2 heats, top 2 from each heat transfer directly to the feature, unfortunately I had a couple more experienced racers in my cruser race and did not qualify, they took 2 from the second heat as well, then the second moto had 5, one person was not going to make the feature, I managed a good start and got a transfer spot! So the ODI grips, BELL helmets sponsored team Revolution RAD vintage Bontrager cruiser made it to the feature!

It was intense to race in a full gate of cruisers, most guys were closer to my age as well, many with more experience than I, I got a good start and was with the lead pack all the way down the front strait, lost a spot or 2 in the first berm, managed to stick with the front pack for 3 straintaways, losing some ground by the second time through the rythm section, I ended up with a 5th place, and I am very happy about that, I had the only OLD bike on the gate, and I know it was the heaviest up there, The ODI grips are amazing, I really didn't think grips would make that much of a difference, but having them secure on the bike gave me some extra confidence!

The 20"er class there were only 3 of us, me, a40 year old novice, against a 21 year old intermediate and a 20 year old Expert.  so you can see where this ended up, but the good point is that with only 3 it was total points! So the ODI grips,BELL helmets sponsored Team Revolution FELT came home with a 3rd place! Being old and running cruiser makes racing all three races a challenge but 3rd place expert points was great! Expert points bonus thanks to the expert rider!  (Experts get more points for each place than novice or intermediate.)



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