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BMX racing 3-14-09
The Donahue H-D contingent of Team Revolution headed to Rehbeins again on the 14th...
Saturday afternoon, after scrambling for a couple hours to get the bike rack for the trailer finished I loaded up 5 bikes, Sydney's Supercross, Mason's GT, Jim's Diamond Back, my FELT and my vintage Bontrager cruiser, all of which have the new kick butt Ruffian Lock on ODI grips with color coordinated lock rings of course!  We arrived late, and had to sweet talk track operator Doug if we could still register, which he did, Special thanks to for being flexible for us.  It was a small turn out, as there was only 16 motos.

I was up first in the cruiser, this time I was racing kids 1/3rd my age, and I think one of them was an expert, anyway, I did not transfer in the first moto, but did pretty well in the second moto, it was quite the contrast from the week previous when there was a FULL rack of cruisers, and many of them close to my age!  But anyway the final I had a good gate postion, and thought I had something for the group, a little premature on the gate and wham! too early, almost flipped myself over the gate... 

Shortly after I ran, Mason was up, there were only 3 in his class, so he ran total points, he went 1,1, and while leading the feature I caught him looking back in the rythm section and ALMOST crashed, but did pull of  a 1st for his first win!  Congrats Mason!
Next up was Sydney, she had to race 2 boys, another total points race, she was excited cause that means a 3rd place for her!  and the bonus for her this time is that one of the boys is an expert!  More points!  She was very excited! 

Jim was back on the bike for a race for the first time in a while, he has finally made some forward progress on his grades,  he missed the transfer spot in the first Moto, in the second moto he had the transfer spot and made a mistake in one of the corners, sliding out.

Up next and last was Me on the FELT class bike, again the only 2 others were 20 and 21 if I remember correctly, so it was total points and expert points.  I ended up 3rd in the first moto, then one of them had crashed and smashed his hand pretty good, in the second moto he coasted at the back so I got second in the second moto.  when feature time came around He decided to scratch, and the other expert already had the win with a 1,1 so with his second place he ended up with 4 points, I place 2nd with a 3,2,1 finish for 6 points, Total points=least amount of points total after 3 motos... 

So another fun filled BMX day, Special thanks to ODI, Revolution Cycle and Ski, Bell Helmets, and Rehbeins!  


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