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BMX 3-28-09

I had an opportunity to go race at Rehbeins alone on the 28th, so I loaded up the Team Revolution, FELT class bike and my mid school Bontrager...

The kids were gone to visit their grandparents for a couple days, so I had the opportunity to go racing by myself, it was an interesting evening a stress releiver for me. Well at least until I started running.  It was a pretty small turn out 21 motos and I heard 14 of them were total points, so only 3 riders in those motos, I was in 2 of them!  It's cool because it gives me a worst case 3rd place no matter what, but it also means i have to race both motos and the feature, thats a lot of racing which is good except I am not in great enough shape to really run hard for 6 motos... 

First up is the cruiser, I ran against a couple intermediates so better points, and I was really stoked to get a good start, and I had them within reach, first time through the rythm section, last one I did something funky and about crashed!  I gathered it up, and finished.  Next up was the class bike, had a 20 year old intermediate, and a 37 year old as well not sure if he was a inter or novice. 

I got a great start, and managed to hang with the leader and score a second!  Next comes the problem with running 2 classes, class bike is moto 21, the last moto, the cruiser is moto 6, that is barely enough time to catch my breath and try to get prepped to do it again.  At the gate I did see that we had an opportunity to sit a couple moto's and give me a chance to rest a bit, SWEET! 

Back on the bike got a great start and had 2nd place until the 3rd berm, and got passed, so 2 3rd's for the cruiser, so no matter what the best i can get is 3rd in the feature, which is good points but dissappointing, the bonus is i can take it real easy in the feature to conserve energy for the class bike.  The class bike second moto, had a great start and was holding off one rider and chasing the 20 year old intermediate, but I ran out of gas, so to speak, and got passed at the line by about 2 inches!  so on the class bike I got a 2 and a 3 which means that the other 'old' guy and i have to race it out for 2nd place,  I got an excellent start, and was hot on the rear tire of the 20 year old inter, I was tired but the coast that I got to take in the cruiser class, paid off, I held on for the second place!  intermediate second place points!  So this ODI grips, BELL helmets, Donahue H-D sponsored team Revolution Cycle Team member had a successful race evening! 

Brett Donahue


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