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BMXing 4-4-09

BMXing 4-4-09

A couple of the ODI grips and BELL Helmets sponsored Donahue Harley-Davidson contingent from Team Revolution Cycle headed down to Rehbeins for the Saturday evening races, Jimmy and Myself. 

Jimmy racing his new SuperCross, XXXL frame, and I brought my almost old skool Bontrager, and my FELT classbike.  Again it was a small turn out at Rehbeins, only 18 motos, this time Jim had a total points race, and I had to qualify for both races.  Which is cool because almost everyone I was racing against was my age and or ability.  Jim on the otherhand got bumped up a couple age groups to the 16 year olds but atleast they were novice's.  

First up was me on the cruiser, with 4 in the class it was a 1-2 transfer, which means first place in the first moto goes straight to the main, and first and second out of the second moto, leaving one person out for the main.  There was one much more experienced rider there that I had to really work har d to stay with, which is good! I haunted him for the first moto, but could not catch him.

Jim was up next, he had a total points race, even against some 16 year olds jim gave them a good run for the money, finishing second in the first moto.

Next up was the class bike for me, and for the first time since the final race at Pineview Park BMX that I was racing against others in or near my age group. First moto, I got a good start, and was able to beat the others to the first berm. My training has been paying off as I was able to keep the bike out front for a direct transfer to the main!  racing 2 classes that is a good thing when there is one less moto to run, saving energy for this old guy is important! 

The second cruiser moto the guy I chased in the first moto had already transferred so I had a pretty easy time transferring, and tried to save some energy for the mains...

Jim's second moto was exciting, Jim did not get a very good start, and was running 3rd right behind one of the 16 year olds, he hounded him for 3 straight aways, but on the fourth straight he out accellerated him out of the berm and just before the last berm passed to take the 2nd spot and stayed ahead through the rythm section for a 2nd place.  2 points from the first moto, 2 points for the second moto so 4 points verses the winner of the first two motos has 1 from each, so he pretty much is locked into 2 place, a good showing for his second ride on the new bike and riding with clipless pedals too! 

So I had an extra break since i direct transferred on the class bike to the main! 

On the cruiser I got a good start and hounded the other guy all the way to the finish, a earned second place felt pretty good since the guy I was racing has been doing it much longer than I...

Jim was up next, he got a poor start again but is still getting better, He started out in third but passed earlier this time on the 3 straight in the rythm section and pulled a gap... so 2,2,2 for a second place! 

And the Last race of the evening, Me and 2 other local old guys, I was in the zone, focused, got a good start second and third cranks put me infront, I heard those two behind me in the first berm laughing and sounds like they were duking in out for second place, I managed to keep my cool and focus ahead, getting through the rythm section and I was able to keep a gap and pound through the rythm section for my second novice win!  This time for Team Revolution!

Special thanks to ODI for keeping me connected to the bike unlike any other grips in the world, also to BELL helmets, protecting my knoggin for 20+ years! I trust my head to no one else!  and the guys at Revolution Cycle and Ski in St. Cloud MN, 320-251-BIKE, I'd be lost without your help!



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