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BMX racing 4-18-09

This was the last trip to Rehbein's indoor BMX arena for the 08-09 winter season.  The Donahue contingent, Jim, Sydney, Mason and myself along with my beautiful bride, packed up the bikes and headed down for a saturday afternoon of racing. 

 It was a really small turn out, only 13 motos, I was really excited to go because my new cruiser is finally ready!  This thing is as RAD as it gets.  Unfortunately, only one other person close to my age showed up, and he stripped out his rear cog in practice, so the cruiser was relagated to looking sweet on the sidelines. 
First up tonight was mason, racing against 8 year old novices, at least he was racing similar ability levels, there were 4 kids in his class so he had to transfer, he wasn't able to win the first moto but did transfer in the second!  Next up was Sydney, she had a total points race tonight, against an intermediate, and an expert, that makes for a difficult race for a very novice rider, but she put fourth a great effort and was happy to get expert points and a 3rd place trophy!  next up Jim He also had a total points race, against the district points leading rider and courtney that helped with the clinic we took earlier this year. He had some speed to show those two, but couldn't quite get by them. Again expert points, and a third place, Jim is coming along nicely, a little more work on his technique and he will really be a threat!  Lastly, I was up, racing against kids less than half my age...again...  5 of us in the class, so they take 2 out of each moto, a 4th in the first moto, so on to the second moto, got a great start and managed to hold it through the first berm under heavy pressure, I think my training is paying off cause I managed to hold them off and win the 2nd moto.  so I earned my spot in the main, had a great start, and was able to keep the leaders in sight, the 2 exeperts got a little gap on me but I was able to hold onto 3rd place.  So another fun filled and successful race outing!

Special Thanks to, ODI for helping the entire team keep a grip!  Bell Helmets for protecting our knoggins!  Revolution Cycle and Ski, for keeping our bikes in shape! 

I would also like to thank SuperCross BMX, and FELT bikes.  



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