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Injury update
well after the ER trip on monday night, I decided to go get copies of the X-Rays, and take them to my chiropractor...  Dr. Dennis Woggon. St. Cloud Chiropractic clinic...  he reviewed them with Dr. Sue and did not see anything major with my scapula, then them put me on the Digital Motion X-Ray machine, THIS THING IS COOL!  when moving in a certain direction you can actually see the part of the scapula that is broken increase the gap, OUCH!  but it gave a very clear picture of the break unlike still Xrays or even cat scans...  anyway he recommended I go to St. Cloud Orthopedics, to get it looked at, and see if I could get a better sling/immobilizer...  the did get us in right away so I didn't complain too much about the wait, but after 3 hours to have an understudy or something come in and start spouting all sorts of terms and showing me stuff I already knew, he completely discounted and could not get the digital motion dvd to open on the computer, after he left and he came back with Dr Kaus, he went over the obvious problems again I see that I have a dislocation, but the scapula fracture is what I am concerned with, after pointing out that the X-rays from the ER didn't show the fracture very well and that the DMX video I brought showed if very blatetly, he tried once to open the dvd i provided...  he discounted every thing I said, complete disreguarded the information I brought from DR. Woggon and he also spouted off something about a Chiropractor should not be 'treating' fractures to which i responded in the same stern voice he used with me, "he isn't that is why he sent me to you"  What a .....  anyway, until I asked for an imobilizer he never mentioned anything about HELPING ME GET IT HEALED RIGHT....

grrr, I have to say I was very dissappointed, and I will recommed that anyone that has to go to St. Cloud Orthopedics should stay away from Dr. Kaus...  

I got my immobilizer, and will be visiting Dr Woggon again tomorrow, to asses the best way to help this heal...

it really cannot be casted or held into place so holding the shoulder still is the best thing.. I probably shouldn't even be typing but I think i've got a pretty good position for that... 

I will plan on being at the track on a regular basis to cheer on the team and support them as much as I can. 

I will try to keep updates posted here...



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