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Jim Gets his 8th win and transfer's to Intermediate!

Monday after the State finals we went back to Pineview Park BMX, Jim had one more win to get, and this night was the night.  Jim had total points, and was quite a bit ahead of the other two.  He has really improved this year, and now will have to continue to up his game.  He has some pretty stiff competition in his age bracket.

Fast forward to Thursday the 3rd of September, Jim ran his first Intermediate race, he got a great pop on the gate of the first moto, and pretty much had em by a bike or two and took the direct transfer.  In the feature, he did not get quite as good a start, and Tyler K got out in front of him and Jim just didn't quite have enough to get by...  Now Jim is getting fast enough that we'll have to start working on some gearing choices! 

Thanks to Revolution Cycle and Ski, BELL Helmets, ODI Grips, and SuperCrossBMX.



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