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BMXing November 7 and 14

Since I can't talk about the TV show, as the air dates have not been released yet, I figure I should at least update my recent racing activity...  I loaded up the bicycles and headed to Rehbein's indoor arena BMX track the last 2 saturdays.
Just me on the 7th, and after not riding for about 4-5 months, from my broken scapula.  I was able to get on my cruiser and actually be fairly competitive, getting 2nd in a total points race...
On my class bike i was feeling even better, but racing against a bunch of guys sigificantly younger and more experienced I was not able to get on the podium but did get 4th, and there were 7 to start and 6 in the main...

On the 14th, my son Jim and I went to race, again i was running total points on my cruiser, and got a 2nd in the first moto, chasing a guy my age that has raced for many years...  Jim being back on the bike for the first time in a few months too, he took a pretty hard spill and dislocated his thumb slightly, missed the transfer, but looked pretty good considering this was his first ride in a while...    Next up was my class bike, first posting had me racing 2 other novices for total points and I was excited!  Then they found that one of the other riders was actually an intermediate, so it was a FULL gate, 8 riders in the 28+ class with a couple of them being in thier early 20's and one guy close to my age, and Expert that has traveled to a bunch of nationals this year...  I got a great start, and was able to hold off the younger guys and get a direct transfer! 

Second motos, I again was chasing the guy with much more experience than me, nippin at his heels the whole race...  Jim took the gate and tried to ride it out, but his thumb was causing too much pain and distraction... 
I got to sit out the second moto on my class bike.

Feature time, I again got a good pop on the gate and raced for the lead all the way to turn one, I was really pushing the leader hard but was unable to get by him still second place on my cruiser is a good thing!  next up was the class bike, I knew I was going to need to get a really good start to try and keep the younger guys behind me,  I did!  got to the first berm in a battle for second place but I could feel and hear the swarm behind me, I was able to hold my ground around the first berm and stay side by side down the second straight, which gave me the inside line in the second berm!  I took it to em, ran up the berm just enough to keep my momentum and set myself up to try and chase down the leader!  A national racer in front of me and a swarm of younger and faster guys behind me...  yet I was able to hold em off!  and get a second place and expert points!!!!  woo hoo!

Thanks for reading...



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