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BMX Western swing
Well, we have been blessed enough this year to be able to head to SoCal for Christmas!  And since we were going where it is warm, I took the liberty of searching the ABA website and found that there are MANY tracks in Southern California.  One in the Palm Springs Valley, about 15-20 minutes away from my parents winter place...  a BUNCH in the greater LA area.  So we packed the BMX bikes and our other bikes and headed south.  After driving through the crappy weather and snow that hit IA and MN right before Christmas, we made our way west and had to drive through the aftermath of the snow that hit N.E. New Mexico. YUK!!!  Anyway, we made it to Sun City West to visit Patty's parents for a few days... it was wonderful!  And they were gracious enough to let us bring our pets along, that was an adventure, 2 potbellied pigs in a van for a road trip, you can check it out on Donahue Harley Davidson's facebook page...  Anyway, we made our way to Palm Desert CA on Monday, took the kids to the Living Desert, Grandpa Butch took Jim and I jeeping down by superstition mountain on Wednesday...  What a busy week!  Thursday I hooked up with a couple guys for a 30 mile road bike ride.  We had a casual evening in on new years eve.

On the first, we raced at Palm Springs BMX, I was rather surprised and dissappointed by the "typical" low turn out, we were told that about 9 moto's is typical, and mostly total points.  Jim got bumped to expert, but did manage to get a second place, I on the otherhand struggled but I was racing young kids on my class bike and some slightly more experience riders on my cruiser...  but what the hey 2 3rd place total points!  And expert points to boot on the class bike.

Saturday we hooked up the trailer and headed first to Venice Beach, the kids first visit to the ocean and Patty's first visit to Venice Beach, it was saturday of a holiday weekend so it was really packed!  But the kids got to play in the ocean, and see some of the crazyness that is Venice CA...  On the way back we hit Whittier Narrows BMX, in South El Monte, for a double points race!  Jim again got bumped to expert, and managed to qualify and post a 3rd!  expert points X2!!!  I was not so fortunate on my cruiser, lots of old fast BMX'ers out in SoCal, almost a full gate!  On my class bike however I did manage to qualify, and in the main got a good start and fought my way to a second place finish!  I can't remember if it was expert or intermediate points, but we had a pretty full gate of older guys on class bikes!

Sunday, we headed up the hill to Yucca Valley, again a dissappointing turn out only about 10 motos. I had to race kids again on my class bike but since one of them was not real interested in doing well I got a 2nd!  Expert points to boot!  Jim managed to race his way to a win, expert point as well!  I had a chance on my cruiser for the podium but cut inside on the last berm too hard and flipped over the bars!  I did manage a 4th if I remember correctly...

It was a pretty successful trip, enjoyed the tracks, the people, and the weather!  now we need to get back on schedule for our local indoor track, rehbeins...


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