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Rehbeins 2-21-10
Jim and I set out for Rehbeins about 2:30, we were there early, so we could get some practice in...  Jim has not ridden in a while and we want to get 'up to speed' for the upcoming state qualifier the first weekend of March...  21 motos Jim was middle of the motos and I ran both cruiser and class so moto 6 and moto 21, I had 4 in each class so transferring was required! 
Cruiser was up first, had a decent start, but was not able to capitolize.
Jim was up after that, he was running total points, and he was having a toughtime getting up to speed, he kept them honest but got a third in the first round... 
On my class bike I was not able to transfer either, although I hounded the winner all the way to the finish... 

Second round in my races they were taking 2 riders to the main, I was able to get a second on my cruiser.
Jim was picking up the pace a bit but still just out of reach for 2nd place.
My class bike I got a good pop on the gate and was able to win the second moto.  and since this was the last moto I am very glad they have a intermission between the heats and mains!!! 

Feature time. I had a good race on both my cruiser and my class bike.  On my class bike I had a guy just about Banzai me in the first berm, but was able to stay ahead of him for a 2nd place, being fresh sure makes a difference, My cruiser I got sqeezed out side on the first berm and was not able to catch either of them...  still a good outing for me... 

Jim got faster as the night went on but was not able to pass any of them and got a 3rd... 

waited to long to post this, hope my memory is correct... were headed to Rehbeins BMX arena again tonight!


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