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Pineview Race for Life

Pineview Park BMX race for Life

Benefiting Lymphoma and Lukemia society...

Made it out to Pineview today, was a little tight getting there in time.   Since I play on the worship team at 'the Waters church' worship team...  check out the website we have lots of cool God things happening there!  Like moving into our own facility this fall...  good stuff...  Anyway back on topic here...

Since the kids are gone to Missouri visiting their 'papa' and 'nana' I haven't been getting to the track as much =:^(  but was able to get over there on Monday, where I proceeded to get my butt kicked by a group of kids half my age or less...  and NO cruisers showed up...  but sunday the 27th!  We had actually a cruiser class that was much closer to my age, I think it was all 30-40's so that was good, I didn't transfer in the first moto of cruiser, nor did I in the 27+ intermediate, we had 5 in that class and 4 in the cruiser class.  In the second moto however, I was able to do well enough in cruiser that I trasferred, and even though I wasn't doing well in class I did manage to transfer out of the second moto as well on my class bike... 

Feature time!  Even though it was plenty warm today I felt pretty good, could have probably eaten a little more for fuel but didn't feel like i was out of gas completely...  First up was cruiser, and since their was four in the class to begin with I was locked in for 3rd...  however I was extremely hopeful to give one of the guys a run for second... until... I botched the start...  managed to keep them close but couldn't catch them...  the starts are SOOOOO important, giving up 2 bike lengths at the very start is extremely hard to overcome.  Anyway I ended up third, which is ok cause it was a double points weekend, So as I read the points table, 60 points for 3rd place in cruiser plus 4 in the class equals 64 points, double that for 128. I think I might just have a grip on the points thing finally!  Next up is the class bike, I know most older guys like the cruiser class but I enjoy riding my class bike more, it's quicker, and handles a little better.  Now we had 5 start the races but lost one to a crash in the first moto, so all i had to do was ride out the second moto to transfer.  Now it is go time, I have one other guy closer to my age and a couple others that are younger.  I was very happy to get a good start, and managed to stay with the leader for the whole race, did a kind of a hi-lo move in the first 2 berms and cleared the second place rider, and hounded the eventual winner all the way to the line, getting myself a second place finish!  I am very happy with that, especially since I beat someone half my age!!!  So second place intermediate gets me 40 points, plus 5 riders is 45 and X2 for double points net's me 90 points!  pretty happy with that! 

And of course I could not have done it without all my great sponsors!!!!




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