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Pineview Park 6/28

First Intermediate Win!!!!

Monday I decided to go to the track, even though I was alone, my sweetie was away for the evening...  She was dissappointed to miss my first inter win, but that is just the way things go some times...

Again no cruisers, other than me showed up, but I did get an intermediate class, Terry, Jill and myself. At Mark's request, things got interesting for the second round, I took over the microphone to give Mr. Post, (track operator) a break.  So a couple moto's before I was up, we had to stop the races and switch announcers so I could get up to the gate.  As I rushed up there and just as I was getting one foot clipped in, and just about to get set up, the 'cadence' started. Thus I was not quite ready when the gate dropped, Thanks Bill! =;^).  Terry saw me struggling to get clipped in and we both rolled out of the gate, what a consumate competitor he is, so we raced from the bottom of the starting hill.  I kinda wish he would of gone ahead so I could have tried to chase him down but it was all good.  Terry hasn't been out riding much so I was able to stay ahead of him for round 2, and go into the main with 2 points.  Terry had 4 points so all I had to do in the feature is stay close to Terry, and I did, I stayed right in front of him all the way to the finish, to log my first intermediate win!!!

Thanks to FELT bicycles, BELL helmets, ODI grips, Bombshell BMX parts, Revolution Cycle and Ski, and Donahue H-D.



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