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Brainerd Lakes BMX 7-6-10
Tuesday evening races at Lakes area BMX, decided to get a race in before the state championship qualifier there on saturday the 10th... 

I had to work til 7, although I snuck out about 10 minutes early...  Arrived in time to get dressed, and check the moto board.  total points on my class bike and 4 in the cruiser class, racing 3 kids all half my age or younger, and in class one 2/3rds my age and one less than half my age.  The first moto I took it pretty easy just because I had no practice, second round was a little better.  The track here has a little bit more peaky tops to the obstacles which took me a bit to get used to.  On my class bike I got a good gate and was running with the 2nd place when he made a mistake, I was hopeful that I would be able to hold him off after that but was not, and the second moto was very similar but neither of them made mistakes, so I got a 3rd and 3rd.  On my cruiser I went got an OK start in the first race but was unable to pass the leader, so I ended up 2nd, therefore had to run the second round.  In the second round I got a good start and had a gap on 2nd and 34rd so I finished with a first and transferred... 

Feature time I was ready to challenge for the lead on my cruiser, and got a good pop on the gate, after sitting on the gate for a while for a crash in the previous moto...  I was able to keep up most of the way, but with the peaky jumps and me being a ground dweller, the kid I raced likes to sky it out and was able to gain momentum over many of the obstacles I was just trying to get past...  I've GOT to learn to jump, it is killing me!  Of course at my age crashing could kill me too!  =;^)  Anyway I was able to haunt the leader all the way to the last berm, there I backed off as I wasn't going to catch him... 

My Class bike I got a good pop on the gate and raced em to the first berm and they started to get racey in the berm I did a HI-LO and was able to pull along side, until... yep you guessed it, they both jumped the double out of the first berm and put a gap on me... Oh well, Expert points for third is good too! 

thanks to FELT, ODI, BELL, BOMBSHELL, Revolution Cycle and Ski!


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