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State Qualifier weekend!

Had a great opportunity this weekend, saturday afternoons have proven to be slower times for the shop in Brainerd, so I was able to 'escape' around noon and get to the Minnesota state qualifier races at Lakes Area BMX in Brainerd.  49 motos!  Which is a great turnout, I raced against a couple of the guys that I have raced before on the cruiser so I knew I had my hands full, but there were enough cruisers that we had our own 41-45 class, which is good cause the next 2 age groups down are a ton faster...  I was able to stick with Scott for both motos and the main, but was not able to catch him, so I got a 2nd place, pretty happy with that, considering I had a 4th or 5th at Rehbeins back in March for a qualifier.  Having a 2nd makes things much better.

On my class bike I had a very good weekend, normally I get put with experts and such, but this time in Brainerd anyway, I was in a group of older guys for class.  I was hardly able to balance on the gate there, hope they can increase the angle of the actual gate there, it would be most helpful in balancing, especially since the put the light way up over the track, cool idea but needs some tweaking.  Anyway, I even though I had crappy gates I raced pretty well, and was able to check out on the other 41+ inter's and get my 2nd intermediate win, and at a state qualifier on top of it! 

Saturday evening my sweetie and I camped in a little campground near Perham grilled up some chicken fajitas, enjoyed the evening lake air. 

Sunday morning we headed into Detroit Lakes for their State Qualifing races.  There was a fairly small turnout, only 25 motos...  which can be a good thing or a bad thing, it ended up ok for me, small turnout means less 'competition' but at my age it usually means I get grouped with much younger and faster kids...  which was kinda what happened.  Cruiser I had a very fast 15 year old kid, I did my best to keep him honest which resulted in a direct transfer to the main out of the first moto!  Since there were 5 in the class they transferred 2 from each moto.  Come time for the feature it was pretty much a repeat of the first moto, Quinten and me out front.  Where I locked up another 2nd place for the state points! 

On my class bike I had my hands full, a 19X and another close to 30, and one of the guys I raced at Lakes Area BMX saturday.  Because there were 4 of us it was a 1-2 transfer, so I had to go to the second round to transfer... Come time for the main I tried to stay close to the younger guys and keep em honest, and one of my favorite sayings came true... "to finish first, one must first finish"  they took each other out in the 2nd berm, handing me the win!  

I am very excited to have 3 wins for state points on my class bike, although one of them is as a novice which doesn't have as many points, so if I can get another win on my class bike I will be able to  concentrate on getting a win or two on my cruiser...

Thanks again to my sponsors....



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