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Another State Qualifier weekend
A big weekend saturday at Rum River BMX in Isanti, and Sunday in Faribault....

I had to qualify for both class and cruiser at Rum River BMX, we had a stacked gate for the 41-45 class, Mike Auman, Scott Kraker, Dave Christensen, all very fast guys, and they showed me how fast they really are,  relegating me to the second moto to transfer, AND 4th place in the final, in the rain!!!!!!!!! 

On my class bike, I also had some fast guys, but we had enough that I was able to transfer out of the first moto, and race for second place, only to bonk on one of the obstacles and lose my momentum relegating me to 3rd place on my class bike...

Faribault was a siginificantly smaller turn out but still almost 40 motos, I had total points in the 41-45 cruiser class against....  you guessed it Mike Auman and Scott Kraker... damn those guys are fast and I am really sick of looking at their butts... 
especially after 2 races on saturday and 3 more on sunday!  But I will take my 3rd, that gives me 2 second place finishes and a 3rd place finish for state points, on my cruiser! 

I had an interesting day on my class bike at Faribault, the track was hard pack, dry-slick, with dust on top, in the first moto over the first roller, I lost the front wheel and threw myself on the ground, tweaked my bars back and other than a raspberry on my forearm I was fine, but had to go to the second moto to transfer, which I did pretty easily, In the main though, I got a mediocre start, I about crashed in the first berm AND the second berm and just decided it wasn't worth crashing again, so I ended up with a 4th place on my class bike, not happy with my performance, but still have 3 wins for the state points on class bike, one of them I think is a novice win which is worth less points... we'll see once ABA posts the points!


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