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Pineview Park big weekend!
Pineview Park BMX, first weekend of August, had a HUGE week...

8/2 regular Monday night races
8/3 Inter/Expert clinic
8/4 Wednesday practice night
8/5 regular Thursday night races
8/6 Friday night pre-race
8/7 Redline cup qualifier
8/8 State Championship qualifier (triple points)
8/9 Jim and I spend some time with local pro Fast Eddie, then ran the regular Monday night races, talk about being "toast"

Almost made 80 motos on Sunday!  great weekend for the track and there was some intense racing... 

I, however, did not have such a great weekend, Saturday I didn't qualify on my class  bike, and only managed a 5th on my cruiser.  Sunday wasn't a whole lot better, managed to get a 3rd on my class bike and a fourth on my cruiser.

I was so toast by the end of the weekend I completely forgot about blogging it, and now I will have to go back and look for my results from 8/2,8/5,8/7, and 8/9...

but Instead I think I will just focus on training  and resting up for the State Championship finals coming up next weekend in Isanti at Rum River BMX, 8/27-8/29!

see you at the track!


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