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Raytown Missouri, Oct. 8-10

As Jim and I get better and faster, Jim getting MUCH faster, me not quite so much.  We decided to head to Raytown for the Redline Cup Central Championship weekend.  We were extremely blessed to have our friend and local pro Eddie Olson ride along with us, and his dad Mike too, along with another local rider Tyler Koopmeiners.  We headed down thursday about noon, got in to the area early thursday evening, set up in our rooms, went and had dinner.  Friday we did not have to be up too early, so we had a relaxing morning. Late AM we headed over to the track, found a spot for our trailer, dropped that, set up our tents, took a look around the track.  After setting up we headed back to the hotel to relax, and get lunch before practice in the afternoon. 

Raytown did a bang up job on the track, a nice starting gate/hill, down hill first straigt, a slightly uphill second straigt, first berm was pretty big, and even though they didn't soil tac it was pretty fast, and as the weekend went on the 'groove' widened.  the second berm was actually cut into the side of a hill, and was pretty flat on exit, but manageable, the third straight/rythym section was nice and rolly, with an almost too small berm on exit to a small table on the final straight before a set of choppy rollers to the line.  It flowed really well.

Friday, was pretty small turn out, not enough riders for the UCI junior development class, nor enough for an A Pro race. We made the best of what we had though. Jim dominated 15 inter in the first moto  and transferred direct.  I made the main on my cruiser, which is all I was after in that class, and on my class bike I transferred as well in 28+ inter.  Jim won his class on friday, and I got a 3rd on my class bike and after almost crashing I got 8th on my cruiser... 

Saturday, still no Jr Devo race for Jim but they transferred his entry to mixed open, which he transferred to the main in the first round, I chased Mike Auman and Scott Kraker and just missed the transfer in the first round on my cruiser. Jim's 15 Inter race was great for him, winning the moto therfore transferring direct to the main.  My class bike I just missed the transfer as well.  Second round I left way early on my cruiser and spun on the gate, which royally screwed up my race, and kept me from transferring to the main, my class bike I did manage to transfer in the second round. 
Come main event time, Jim messed up the gate and coasted the track getting 8th in the Open class. But in the 15 inter class he checked out on the field, winning again.  Eddie struggled but did manage a 5th in the pro class.  He had the speed to compete, just couldn't catch a break.  On my class bike I was able to scrap with the leaders and get myself a 3rd place for the redline championship. 

Sunday, again no Jr Devo, but Jim raced open again, managed to race side by side to the finish for 1/2 transferring direct, In cruiser, I chased the transfer spot but was unable to capitolize in the first round.  Jim's 15i class was just like the rest, only 1 or two guys close, ending with Jim winning and transferring direct to the main.  Second round, on my cruiser, I slipped a pedal over the first step up and it took me the whole front straight to get clipped back in, and once i did I was on FIRE!  passing 3rd place in the second straight and 2nd place in the 3rd straight, and almost catching the leader in the last straight getting 2nd and the last transfer spot!  I think I got more compliments on that race than any other race i've run, from last to second!  On my class bike, I was able to transfer as well. I was extremely excited about my chances on my class bike as I actually had a 41+ intermediate class on sunday...  Main event time!  Eddie, got boxed in out of the gate and was not able to do much or pass much, and ended up 6th or 7th, not result he expected but did ok, none the less.  Jim ran the 17+ open and kicked butt, racing with one guy from start to finish, and ending up taking the win!  which was really cool because it gives Jim the chance to get a Redline Cup plate in 'mixed open' as well as 15 Inter.  Next up was 41-45 cruiser, and this is a stacked race, and it turned out to be a ferocious battle, Mike Aumann, and a couple guys started wrestling right before the first berm taking out 2-4th place, opening up the inside line and gave me an opportunity to chase the leader all the way to the finish getting a 2nd place in 41-45 cruiser!  Jim's 15 intermediate class was basically the same as it has been all weekend, Jim out front, and winning! and last race of the day was my class race, and even after spinning a half of a crank on the gate I managed to race hard to the first berm where behind me a pile up happened, I was able to stay clean in front to chase and race the leader, ending up second!  

Shortly after the races they handed out the Redline Cup plates and jackets.  Because Jim rode both saturday and sunday in the mixed open class he got 15-16 mixed open championship!  jacket and plate!  (they only hand out plates for 2nd and 3rd)  I was a few positions away from getting a RLC plate in cruiser but I am just super stoked to have made the main 2 times and got a podium finish!  Jim also with 3 wins won the Redline Cup Central championship in 15 intermediate!  Jacket and another #1 plate for Jim!  My class bike I wasn't sure what was going to happen, I was pretty sure I went into the weekend with a  second at a qualifier, I got a third on saturday, and a second on sunday, so depending on where the guys that crashed actually finished and where they were for qualifiers I had a chance at the top 3!  3rd place announced, nope, 2nd place announced, nope.... ugh, I thought I must have just missed it....  but NO!  Redline Cup Central Champion 41+ Intermediate is ME!!!!!!!!!!

Jim getting his RLC #1 for 15-16 mixed open!

Jim getting his 15 intermediate open #1 plate and holding his open #1

and lastly a picture of me getting my 41+ intermediate #1 plate!



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