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State Qualifier 3-6-10


Rehbeins BMX arena was host to the first State qualifier for the 2010 season.  Jimmy and I headed down early, Mason Weibuscch and Jeremy Nothom were also in attendance...  LOTS of riders showed up, 43 motos, and I think there were only a couple Total points races. 

First round of two rounds of qualifying.  I was in Moto 13, and the 41-45 cruiser class had 4 total to start, so to transfer i had to win the first moto or be 1st or 2nd in the second moto.  I was unable to catch the leader in the first moto, so I had to run the second moto.  Next up was Mason, Mason had a tough day but persevered, he was involved in a first straight crash and also had to go to the second moto for transfer.  Jim's race was one Total points race, which I thought was rather unusual for 14 intermediate, Jim was able to fight for the lead for the first straight but was relinquished to 2nd place for the first moto.  Last of the first round for us was me on my class bike, 28+ novice...  I got a good pop on the gate and checked out on the other few riders...  transferring directly to the main!  That means extra rest time before the cruiser main!!!

Begining of the second round, I got a great start in the cruiser class and managed to win the second moto, giving me a transfer spot in the main!  Next in the second round was Mason, who got tangled up AGAIN but was first one to get up and finish high enough to transfer to the main event!.  Jim got a better start for the second moto but got run up on the first burm and passed, he was able to hold on to second place again.  And since I already transferred I was able to relax for the rest of the second round...


First up!  Time for old guy cruisers!  it is always fun to race against guys my own age, however the cruiser class has quite the spread of abilities, beginner to past pro's or experts...  I usually end up somewhere in the middle.  Such was the case at this state race, I had a great start but was unable to get in front of the pack, chasing the leader for the entire race, I managed a 2nd!  Next was Mason, who FINALLY was able to make it through a race without getting crashed, and he made it pay off, chasing the leaders all the way to the finish and just missed the podium, but getting a 4th in the very competitve 8 intermediate class, with an almost full gate for the feature!  Jim's feature was even better!  He got a chance to get out in front of the leader, who came unclipped and just about crashed, Jim went on to win the 3rd moto but because the winner of the first 2 got second he was only able to get 2nd place overall, but still awesome for Jim to get a good qualifying in the bag for the state championship series.  And last up was me, and my LAST race as a novice, I was able to pop the gate as good as i had all day, got out front and checked out for a win!  and Win number 8 as a novice means I have to move up to Intermediate status!  very Exciting! Which also means I have to run Intermediate for the Redline Cup races on sunday! 

Rehbeins 2-21-10
Jim and I set out for Rehbeins about 2:30, we were there early, so we could get some practice in...  Jim has not ridden in a while and we want to get 'up to speed' for the upcoming state qualifier the first weekend of March...  21 motos Jim was middle of the motos and I ran both cruiser and class so moto 6 and moto 21, I had 4 in each class so transferring was required! 
Cruiser was up first, had a decent start, but was not able to capitolize.
Jim was up after that, he was running total points, and he was having a toughtime getting up to speed, he kept them honest but got a third in the first round... 
On my class bike I was not able to transfer either, although I hounded the winner all the way to the finish... 

Second round in my races they were taking 2 riders to the main, I was able to get a second on my cruiser.
Jim was picking up the pace a bit but still just out of reach for 2nd place.
My class bike I got a good pop on the gate and was able to win the second moto.  and since this was the last moto I am very glad they have a intermission between the heats and mains!!! 

Feature time. I had a good race on both my cruiser and my class bike.  On my class bike I had a guy just about Banzai me in the first berm, but was able to stay ahead of him for a 2nd place, being fresh sure makes a difference, My cruiser I got sqeezed out side on the first berm and was not able to catch either of them...  still a good outing for me... 

Jim got faster as the night went on but was not able to pass any of them and got a 3rd... 

waited to long to post this, hope my memory is correct... were headed to Rehbeins BMX arena again tonight!
Clinic and races at Rehbeins 1-16-10

So earlier in the week I found out that Sam Willoughby, Jared Graves, and Alise Post are going to be putting on a clinic at Rehbeins.  Of course I will snap up the opportunity to learn from one world class racer non the less 3 at the same time!  Of course I was the only 'old' guy at the clinic but what the heck someone needs to raise the median age!  Anyway they did a great job with the crowd they had, I learned a couple key things and hope to continue to get better at this 'kids' sport...  especially since I don't plan on growing up anytime soon!  =;^) 

That evening I was able to apply some of the stuff I learned, Rehbeins had 27 motos for a saturday night in January in MN, I absolutely LOVE the dedication that BMX racers have here in Minnesota.  I signed up for both the class bike and my cruiser, we had a pretty stout field in both classes as well!  I did not get agressive enough in the first 2 moto's and thus did not transfer directly.  In the second moto's I got a good start on my cruiser and won, so I was pretty happy about getting into the main... Unfortunately I did not have as good of luck on my class bike, although I was the only novice in the class, one expert and 2 intermediates.. anyway...  Feature time I only had to concentrate on one bike, I got a good start and was able to hold my ground through the berms and managed to make a pass for a 3rd place! 

It was great to be back on the bikes again, but I think the clinic took alot out of me, still well worth it!

BMX Western swing
Well, we have been blessed enough this year to be able to head to SoCal for Christmas!  And since we were going where it is warm, I took the liberty of searching the ABA website and found that there are MANY tracks in Southern California.  One in the Palm Springs Valley, about 15-20 minutes away from my parents winter place...  a BUNCH in the greater LA area.  So we packed the BMX bikes and our other bikes and headed south.  After driving through the crappy weather and snow that hit IA and MN right before Christmas, we made our way west and had to drive through the aftermath of the snow that hit N.E. New Mexico. YUK!!!  Anyway, we made it to Sun City West to visit Patty's parents for a few days... it was wonderful!  And they were gracious enough to let us bring our pets along, that was an adventure, 2 potbellied pigs in a van for a road trip, you can check it out on Donahue Harley Davidson's facebook page...  Anyway, we made our way to Palm Desert CA on Monday, took the kids to the Living Desert, Grandpa Butch took Jim and I jeeping down by superstition mountain on Wednesday...  What a busy week!  Thursday I hooked up with a couple guys for a 30 mile road bike ride.  We had a casual evening in on new years eve.

On the first, we raced at Palm Springs BMX, I was rather surprised and dissappointed by the "typical" low turn out, we were told that about 9 moto's is typical, and mostly total points.  Jim got bumped to expert, but did manage to get a second place, I on the otherhand struggled but I was racing young kids on my class bike and some slightly more experience riders on my cruiser...  but what the hey 2 3rd place total points!  And expert points to boot on the class bike.

Saturday we hooked up the trailer and headed first to Venice Beach, the kids first visit to the ocean and Patty's first visit to Venice Beach, it was saturday of a holiday weekend so it was really packed!  But the kids got to play in the ocean, and see some of the crazyness that is Venice CA...  On the way back we hit Whittier Narrows BMX, in South El Monte, for a double points race!  Jim again got bumped to expert, and managed to qualify and post a 3rd!  expert points X2!!!  I was not so fortunate on my cruiser, lots of old fast BMX'ers out in SoCal, almost a full gate!  On my class bike however I did manage to qualify, and in the main got a good start and fought my way to a second place finish!  I can't remember if it was expert or intermediate points, but we had a pretty full gate of older guys on class bikes!

Sunday, we headed up the hill to Yucca Valley, again a dissappointing turn out only about 10 motos. I had to race kids again on my class bike but since one of them was not real interested in doing well I got a 2nd!  Expert points to boot!  Jim managed to race his way to a win, expert point as well!  I had a chance on my cruiser for the podium but cut inside on the last berm too hard and flipped over the bars!  I did manage a 4th if I remember correctly...

It was a pretty successful trip, enjoyed the tracks, the people, and the weather!  now we need to get back on schedule for our local indoor track, rehbeins...
BMXing November 7 and 14

Since I can't talk about the TV show, as the air dates have not been released yet, I figure I should at least update my recent racing activity...  I loaded up the bicycles and headed to Rehbein's indoor arena BMX track the last 2 saturdays.
Just me on the 7th, and after not riding for about 4-5 months, from my broken scapula.  I was able to get on my cruiser and actually be fairly competitive, getting 2nd in a total points race...
On my class bike i was feeling even better, but racing against a bunch of guys sigificantly younger and more experienced I was not able to get on the podium but did get 4th, and there were 7 to start and 6 in the main...

On the 14th, my son Jim and I went to race, again i was running total points on my cruiser, and got a 2nd in the first moto, chasing a guy my age that has raced for many years...  Jim being back on the bike for the first time in a few months too, he took a pretty hard spill and dislocated his thumb slightly, missed the transfer, but looked pretty good considering this was his first ride in a while...    Next up was my class bike, first posting had me racing 2 other novices for total points and I was excited!  Then they found that one of the other riders was actually an intermediate, so it was a FULL gate, 8 riders in the 28+ class with a couple of them being in thier early 20's and one guy close to my age, and Expert that has traveled to a bunch of nationals this year...  I got a great start, and was able to hold off the younger guys and get a direct transfer! 

Second motos, I again was chasing the guy with much more experience than me, nippin at his heels the whole race...  Jim took the gate and tried to ride it out, but his thumb was causing too much pain and distraction... 
I got to sit out the second moto on my class bike.

Feature time, I again got a good pop on the gate and raced for the lead all the way to turn one, I was really pushing the leader hard but was unable to get by him still second place on my cruiser is a good thing!  next up was the class bike, I knew I was going to need to get a really good start to try and keep the younger guys behind me,  I did!  got to the first berm in a battle for second place but I could feel and hear the swarm behind me, I was able to hold my ground around the first berm and stay side by side down the second straight, which gave me the inside line in the second berm!  I took it to em, ran up the berm just enough to keep my momentum and set myself up to try and chase down the leader!  A national racer in front of me and a swarm of younger and faster guys behind me...  yet I was able to hold em off!  and get a second place and expert points!!!!  woo hoo!

Thanks for reading...

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