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Guthrie Oklahoma Jan 28th-30th, We piled 8 people in a rented RV and headed for the Lazy E arena near Guthrie Oklahoma.  After an uneventful drive, we got to our hotel about 8 hours before check in time! The wonderful lady at the Best Western found that one room was available of our 2 so we were able to get showers, grab some breakfast, and relax!  Love that kind of service!  Later that afternoon we headed over to the Lazy E arena, NICE rodeo arena, beautiful compound, cool layout the ABA did for this UCI/ABA event.  We were all there plenty early and got some practice in, that evening I had a successful pair of successful races.  Not only was I able to transfer to the main on both of my bikes, I was able to win the 41-45 Cruiser main, and took fouth in my Intermediate class, which if I remeber correctly was acutally a 28 and over class... darn kids 

Saturday, was a reversal of sorts, I made main on my class bike in the actual 41+ intermediate class, and did not make main on my cruiser, darn old guys are fast on the big wheels!  and sunday was darn near a carbon copy, most of the faster guys on the cruiser are jumping some of the doubles and that is where I am still struggling...

it was a fun event and I should have wrote more detail on it sooner so I would remember it all... Guthrie is for sure one of those events to put on the 'want to do annually' list! 

ABA Grand National


A new thanksgiving tradition... well for us maybe.  The whole Thanksgiving weekend, BMX racers from around the country and even from around the world decend on Tulsa Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma State Fairgrounds to be exact, even more exact the 'Quick Trip' Center in the Expo Square in Tulsa.  Where thousands of yards of dirt get hauled into one end of the 'QT' center, which just happens to be one of the largest clear span buildings in the country if not the world.  But I digress.  The ABA has been doing this for some time now.  They have so many racers show up for the Race Of Champions, (ROC) where all the state championship riders compete for the ROC #1 plate in each age group, and for the final ABABMX National of the year, GRANDS, that they have to have a separate DAY for practice.  Thursday, Thanksgiving day, the gates open at 6am practice starts 7am and the last session ends at 9:25 pm.  Then ROC is all day friday, with the Pro Spectacular, and the NAG 5 challenge, plus the 5 novice main from earlier in the day ROC, and a side hack race.  You can find all sorts of stuff on the Pro Spectacular event so I won't go into it here.  

We packed up early in the week, and to avoid weather we spit tuesday night, and drove about half way through Iowa.  We drove the RV, and it took a few hours before we figured out how and where to put coverage over the grill so we didn't freeze to death! We avoided the weather but we did NOT avoid the cold.  Where we got some sleep in a wayside and continued on in the morning.  We arrived fairly late in the afternoon evening, got set up, ordered pizza, and settled in for the evening.  Jim and I were both very excited with anticipation of this large event, and what the track had in store for us. 

Thursday AM after a mediocre nights sleep, feeding the girls outside in the cold, we started to get ready for our first and only practice sessions.  I was up first from 9:50-10:30 on my cruiser, then Jim was up from 6:20-6:50pm and lucky me I was up again for my 20" at 8:55-9:25pm...  We learned alot about all the TIME you have at this event on the first day!  And the first day isn't the worst!  The track was fast and challenging, with a optional AM section that had 4 doubles, that were make it or break it jumps, not huge but timing and smoothness was requred, me being a ground dweller I avoided this section the whole weekend,  but really want to work on my jumping skills so I can take advantage of these type of sections in the future! 

Cruiser was up first for me 41-45 cruiser is a brutal class, 4 of the top 5 guys battleing for the Number 1 national cruiser are in this class... George Goodall, Todd Parry, David Archibald, and Joel Reinoehl.  All these guys have decades more experience than me, and I have yet to figure out why I even signed up, other than extra track/practice time...  which I guess was worth it...  Friday I managed to get out of the qualifiers, but did not make it out of quarters.  There just isn't any way to compare the speed difference until you ride next to the best in the country!  WOW!  anyway I was pretty happy to even make it out to quarter mains out of 29 riders in 5 groups! 

Class bike was much more entertaining, I didn't not transfer out of the first round, but did in second round, and with good enough finish I also transferred from the semi to the main event!  where I managed to fight my way to a 4th place finish!  Not bad for my first ROC race and my biggest national to date!   

On to the rest of the weekend!  Grands is SOOO big that it actually takes 2 days to run it, this year there were about 530 motos!  Saturday they ran 1st and 2nd round so 1060 motos!  I did not transfer on either bike on Saturday which is ok.  That way I get another 'lap' on sunday morning!  It was pretty incredible to be there, patients, eating, cool downs, warm ups, were all very important, next year we will be more prepared! 

Sunday morning, Cruiser is up first, and I was pretty optimistic that I would be able to at least transfer to quarters, I was not quite fast enough though.  My class bike on the other hand, I managed to make it out of the 3rd round!  Which put me in one of 4 quarter mains, 6 riders in each, from there they would take 3 from each of the quarters, into two 6 rider semis, where they take 4 each to the main event!  managing to keep focused, eat, but not too much, rest up, and be ready for each new round.  with literally HOURS between.  The quarter mains were pretty stessful, but nothing spectacular happened, I managed to stay with the lead guys and transfered to the Semi mains! 

Semi mains I was super stoked!  just impressed that i made it this far I was extremely focused, and ready for it!  I had a good gate position, I drew number 1 gate for semis, I had a good start, and chased 2/3rd place all the way to the finish!  I've never been so excited to get fourth place, I think the whole place could hear me scream and holler with excitement!  I made the main at my first trip to Grands!  Now the stress begins!  a few more hours before I run again, cool down, eat, rest, but not too much, keep focused, but relax.  my main will be the 2nd to last race of the night...  As mains are posted I go check it out and I drew gate 1 AGAIN! inside line and NOBODY in 41 I has a gate on me!  just get a good start and ride hard!   

Main event time, I don't think i've been this focused in a long time, alot of 'sitting' around spinning my cranks, trying to relax, but keep some focus...  On the gate, keep my routine the same, except this time they announce all the finalists... so roll into the gate, with my left foot clipped in, but instead of clipping my right foot in right away I stand, and wait, I get announced first, being in gate one, point to the lord above giving credit where credit is due!  then taking my time, clip in the right foot, set my feet, riders ready, watch the light...... POW!  I had a decent gate!  a good pedal manual over the table and Im racing with the lead pack over the step double into the first berm...  a slight bounce, and I am in the mix for a podium, chasing the 3rd place rider the whole way!  thought I had my first podium finish at a national in my grasp, just didn't quite have enough to get by for third.  But man what a day, and I am so happy to have a 4th place from my first trip to the ABA Grand National.   

Wouldn't be possible if it weren't for, GOD, and our personal savior Jesus Christ... who has given me so much,
My beautiful, loving and supportive wife, who encourages me to 'go for it' and giving her/our son the opportunity to pursue his BMX dreams!

And I need to give thanks to...
FELT Bikes, and Alan Foster for all the help and support this year!
ODI grips, Kevin thanks for setting me up and always taking care of me!
BELL Helmets, literally I would not be alive today if it weren't for ya'll!
Revolution Cycle & Ski, the best damn bicycle shop anywhere, PERIOD!
Bombshell, Avent, Redman for helping out our team!
And Donahue Harley-Davidson Inc. 


Raytown Missouri, Oct. 8-10

As Jim and I get better and faster, Jim getting MUCH faster, me not quite so much.  We decided to head to Raytown for the Redline Cup Central Championship weekend.  We were extremely blessed to have our friend and local pro Eddie Olson ride along with us, and his dad Mike too, along with another local rider Tyler Koopmeiners.  We headed down thursday about noon, got in to the area early thursday evening, set up in our rooms, went and had dinner.  Friday we did not have to be up too early, so we had a relaxing morning. Late AM we headed over to the track, found a spot for our trailer, dropped that, set up our tents, took a look around the track.  After setting up we headed back to the hotel to relax, and get lunch before practice in the afternoon. 

Raytown did a bang up job on the track, a nice starting gate/hill, down hill first straigt, a slightly uphill second straigt, first berm was pretty big, and even though they didn't soil tac it was pretty fast, and as the weekend went on the 'groove' widened.  the second berm was actually cut into the side of a hill, and was pretty flat on exit, but manageable, the third straight/rythym section was nice and rolly, with an almost too small berm on exit to a small table on the final straight before a set of choppy rollers to the line.  It flowed really well.

Friday, was pretty small turn out, not enough riders for the UCI junior development class, nor enough for an A Pro race. We made the best of what we had though. Jim dominated 15 inter in the first moto  and transferred direct.  I made the main on my cruiser, which is all I was after in that class, and on my class bike I transferred as well in 28+ inter.  Jim won his class on friday, and I got a 3rd on my class bike and after almost crashing I got 8th on my cruiser... 

Saturday, still no Jr Devo race for Jim but they transferred his entry to mixed open, which he transferred to the main in the first round, I chased Mike Auman and Scott Kraker and just missed the transfer in the first round on my cruiser. Jim's 15 Inter race was great for him, winning the moto therfore transferring direct to the main.  My class bike I just missed the transfer as well.  Second round I left way early on my cruiser and spun on the gate, which royally screwed up my race, and kept me from transferring to the main, my class bike I did manage to transfer in the second round. 
Come main event time, Jim messed up the gate and coasted the track getting 8th in the Open class. But in the 15 inter class he checked out on the field, winning again.  Eddie struggled but did manage a 5th in the pro class.  He had the speed to compete, just couldn't catch a break.  On my class bike I was able to scrap with the leaders and get myself a 3rd place for the redline championship. 

Sunday, again no Jr Devo, but Jim raced open again, managed to race side by side to the finish for 1/2 transferring direct, In cruiser, I chased the transfer spot but was unable to capitolize in the first round.  Jim's 15i class was just like the rest, only 1 or two guys close, ending with Jim winning and transferring direct to the main.  Second round, on my cruiser, I slipped a pedal over the first step up and it took me the whole front straight to get clipped back in, and once i did I was on FIRE!  passing 3rd place in the second straight and 2nd place in the 3rd straight, and almost catching the leader in the last straight getting 2nd and the last transfer spot!  I think I got more compliments on that race than any other race i've run, from last to second!  On my class bike, I was able to transfer as well. I was extremely excited about my chances on my class bike as I actually had a 41+ intermediate class on sunday...  Main event time!  Eddie, got boxed in out of the gate and was not able to do much or pass much, and ended up 6th or 7th, not result he expected but did ok, none the less.  Jim ran the 17+ open and kicked butt, racing with one guy from start to finish, and ending up taking the win!  which was really cool because it gives Jim the chance to get a Redline Cup plate in 'mixed open' as well as 15 Inter.  Next up was 41-45 cruiser, and this is a stacked race, and it turned out to be a ferocious battle, Mike Aumann, and a couple guys started wrestling right before the first berm taking out 2-4th place, opening up the inside line and gave me an opportunity to chase the leader all the way to the finish getting a 2nd place in 41-45 cruiser!  Jim's 15 intermediate class was basically the same as it has been all weekend, Jim out front, and winning! and last race of the day was my class race, and even after spinning a half of a crank on the gate I managed to race hard to the first berm where behind me a pile up happened, I was able to stay clean in front to chase and race the leader, ending up second!  

Shortly after the races they handed out the Redline Cup plates and jackets.  Because Jim rode both saturday and sunday in the mixed open class he got 15-16 mixed open championship!  jacket and plate!  (they only hand out plates for 2nd and 3rd)  I was a few positions away from getting a RLC plate in cruiser but I am just super stoked to have made the main 2 times and got a podium finish!  Jim also with 3 wins won the Redline Cup Central championship in 15 intermediate!  Jacket and another #1 plate for Jim!  My class bike I wasn't sure what was going to happen, I was pretty sure I went into the weekend with a  second at a qualifier, I got a third on saturday, and a second on sunday, so depending on where the guys that crashed actually finished and where they were for qualifiers I had a chance at the top 3!  3rd place announced, nope, 2nd place announced, nope.... ugh, I thought I must have just missed it....  but NO!  Redline Cup Central Champion 41+ Intermediate is ME!!!!!!!!!!

Jim getting his RLC #1 for 15-16 mixed open!

Jim getting his 15 intermediate open #1 plate and holding his open #1

and lastly a picture of me getting my 41+ intermediate #1 plate!

U.S.Open Nationals!

So about a month or so ago, when doing some research on the ABA site, I found that there is this really cool program that was put together by the ABA and U.S.A.Cycling. They made a combined effort to start the Junior Development program. Basically a series of races during a certain time window, gives 15 and 15 year old boys and girls a chance to race and gather points for an opportunity to go to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista CA for a 6 day camp and an opportunity to train, and ride on the UCI supercross track! Upon this discovery, we decided that Jim and I would fly to the U.S.Open Nationals at Chula Vista, and he would race both 15 Intermediate, and the Jr Development races. We wanted to see how he stacked up against some very good riders that are close to his age group. The benefit for me was that I got to bring my class bike and race too!

We packed up our bags, and flew out Thursday the 16th. This was our first time flying with bikes, so there was that whole stress, plus Jim and I had never really traveled together, just the two of us. We arrived at San Diego without issue, I had made a mistake on our rental reservation about the time we would be arriving, and they were out of the car size we reserved, but gave us a minivan for about the same price! BONUS! We loaded up and headed for our hotel. And just before we got to the hotel we decided to go to the track and look around a bit. WOW, what a facility, the track we got to ride is what they normally use for weekly races and some training. Because the place is built at the base of the foot hills it has a built in recess, the front straight has grand stands that are 10-20 feet above the first straight. Along the final straight they had bleachers the whole distance, and in between the second and third straights and the third and fourth straights they had a fenced area for spectators to stand and watch. The layout was very cool. The track was in pretty good shape, they use soil tack to hold the surface together, but with all the gravely sand, it is a difficult surface to keep together. It was packed well and for the most part did not have a lot of loose dirt. It was a pretty long track, and most of the obstacles were steep and bigger than we are used to. Although it did flow well, the rhythm section was busy, berms were large bowl type berms but if you cut hard at the bottom it was pretty loose. After checking out the track we headed to our Hotel to get settled in and get our bikes put together!

Friday, we had most of the morning to lounge and rest up. I was anxious to get to the track, find a parking spot, and get ready for the day, our practice sessions were not until after 3 in the afternoon, and we arrived by 11am… so I was a little over anxious to get to the track. Anyway we got a spot right up front, and we able to set up and be ready for the day. Our practice sessions went well, and the track turned out to be just as steep and challenging as we thought upon first view on Thursday, but definitely manageable. It really showed Jim and I how much we really need to work on our manualing and jumping skills. Friday race time, Jim got combined with the 16 intermediates, and he faired pretty well, getting used to the track and such he managed to make the main and get a third! I was pretty impressed. In the Jr Devo class he struggled a bit more, running against 15-16 experts that probably have 6-10 years of experience compared to Jim’s two. Even with the odds against him he really surprised me, without having the jumping and manualing skills of the other riders he managed to stay right on the tail end of the main pack every race! My race on Friday, I struggled with the new track and more aggressive riding style out west, besides the fact that I was in the 28+ class with at least one multi time national #1 racer. I was excited just to make the main, then while racing for 3-4, I bonked just about every obstacle on the 3rd straight, relegating myself to 5th, and the last position for Friday nights race. Still with all the experience and speed the rest shown by the old guys I was just happy to make the main.

Saturday, an earlier morning this time, practice times starting for us just after 9, we showed up a little early, but not really early enough, we managed a parking spot not too far from the track, but not as close as Saturday, 200 motos on Saturday! And still no 41+ inter class, I got bumped down to 36-40 inter, at least it was all intermediates, one of them is only a win or two from being X. Anyway, I fought hard to make the main in the first round but missed out, by a position. In the second moto, I managed to get into the main, which again I was super stoked about being my first national! And being in a 2 group format Saturday too! Which basically means 2 motos, they take 2 from each, then whoever is left gets combined and they take 4 from the second round moto. Main event time I was very excited, and ready to race, I got an ok start, and most of the guys I race are manualling better than me just out of sheer experience. But I managed to stick with them, come to the 3rd straight, the rythym, I am fighting with 3 riders for 3rd, the leader gets out of shape, then the second place guy crashes, right in front of me and next thing I know I am laying on the ground, wind knocked out of me. I crashed so fast that I never had a chance to take my hands off the bars, and I have scabs on the TOP of my wrists to prove it, my chin bar and just above the eye opening of my helmet are scarred bad where I face planted. Thank God for BELL helmets! Won’t trust my head to anything else! I was able to get up and finish, and with one rider walking off and not finishing gave me 7th place! Not what I wanted but still I made the main, and raced right with the west coasters! Jim had another great day! Racing Jr Devo again, he was right with the group but unable to make the main. And even though he was not getting to the front, he kept his head up, focused on doing well in the 15 interclass and used the JrD class to learn. And learn he did, first round on Saturday for 15i, jim got squeezed and fell down in the first straight. He got back up and finished, brushed himself off, and transferred out of the second moto. Come main event time Jim was focused and ready, and it showed, he pounded them in the main! Getting to the front and never looking back, nice passes, keeping it clean, and taking the win!

Sunday, way early morning, races start at 8 with NO practice Sunday morning. Jim and I arrived early! And got our spot right up front, which strategically gave us some shade and a home base for the day… Jim was first up in the JrD races, all three rounds this kid just stuck with it, gave his all and raced em hard, never giving up. It was spectacular to watch! He may not have transferred to the main in JrD but he is certainly a winner in my book! Come time for 15i Jim had a tough time in the first moto, but did manage to transfer in the second round. Come main event time, Jim again was very focused, and ready. And it showed, he had gate 8, and everyone works so hard to get to the inside here because it is quite an advantage. Jim opted the hi route, staying clear of the group, he stayed beside them the full length of the first straight, and pulled a out side to the inside move just before the berm excecuting a beautiful stuff pass on the leader, raced his way to the front and never looked back! Two national wins for Jammin Jimmy Gray!!! Woo Hoo! My races were quite interesting, there was a full rack to start, so a 3-4 transfer, I battled for 3rd the entire race but was not able to get it for a first round transfer, and the second round I took 4th literally by inches! Transferring and making the main again! Against the 36-40 inter class again! Come main event time I tried the Hi-Lo pass in the first berm, and just as I cut the turn and started cranking, Tim Deal crashed right in front of me, I bounced my front wheel off his helmet so hard my bars went cockeyed, by about 15-20 degrees! Try riding a technical track with your bars that crooked! Not fun! I was able to finish though, and Tim was too slow getting up to get past me, and I found out later that another rider crashed in the first straight, giving me 5th!
As  you can see here Jim did the representing for Team Revolution, ODI, BELL, Bombshell...

It was a great weekend, the trip went smooth, the racing was great! We got to watch some of the UCI time trial Saturday, and 1st round of girls UCI, it was a bummer to see local girl Alise Post slip a pedal in round one, but she bounced back and got a second in round 2. We didn’t get to stick around and watch the full race program Saturday night as we had our own racing to do Sunday morning! But congrats to our friends Alise Post, for her 3rd place, and her sweetie Sam Willoughby for finishing 2nd in Men’s UCI supercross!

Saturdays races
15 Intermediate race 
36-40 Intermediate race
Sundays races
15 Intermediate race
36-40 Intermediate race

Thanks to our sponsors, BELL HELMETS, ODI GRIPS, Bombshell bike parts,

And to my Frame sponsor FELT BIKES!



Rum River BMX in Isanti hosted the Minnesota state championship races over the weekend of the 28th and 29th. Knowing that it was going to be a super competitive weekend we met up with Pineview Park Local pro Fast Eddie Olson Thursday evening for practice, we dissected the track and worked on key points on what to do for the races over the weekend. The planning paid off, although we did not get to run the pre-race on Friday as we had a funeral to attend.

Saturday morning we showed up early, set up the RV, and prepared for practice time. Jim and I both fine tuned some things we worked on with Eddie, and felt pretty good about the weekend. Other than the fact that Jim decided to change lanes coming out of the second berm in practice, taking my front wheel with him and throwing me on the pavement… a little scuff on my forearm, and a bruise to my ego…

Race time, in his typical fashion, Jim was right up front in the mix for the 15 intermediate class, transferring direct to the main out of the first moto. Unlike at home Jim actually had some competition, this weekend, and he found out that racing is more than just going fast too. Main event Saturday he had to chase down one rider, in the last berm I saw him rail the bottom and get a good run on the leader, from my angle I could see their helmets, I saw Jim’s helmet in front of the other riders and then they both disappeared! Found out later that they tangled handlebars, and both crashed… they both got banged up a little but no major damage. This is where the mind games began, the other kid’s mom thought Jim did it on purpose, and was rather upset. Even later when Jim went over to make sure the other kid was ok she was still pretty upset about the incident. There were some innuendo’s thrown about that this kid was going to get back at Jim. Jim was rather upset about the whole ordeal, we tried to talk to him about it all morning, but come first moto time, Jim found that this kid was right next to him on the gate. Jim lost the race before the gate dropped, and for the first time in a long time Jim actually had to go to the second moto to transfer. Which he did without problem, but he was really upset about it. After that, I talked to him again and Eddie even offered some advice and counsel. Come time for the main event on Sunday Jim was extremely focused, he used many different tools to keep his mind off the whole ordeal from Saturday. He did not get the best start, but was so focused and determined that even though he bonked the gate he passed everyone in the first straight, and the whole ordeal from Saturday was history, Jim won the state championship final! And is now the highest ranked 15 year old intermediate in the state and 3rd with only 2 experts ranked above him! What a great lesson Jim learned, about the mental part of racing! And it was very cool to watch him overcome such an obstacle! Great Job Jim!

Cruiser time for me was a good experience, the bad thing about this weekend was the 20mph winds, blowing in our faces down the first straight. Many guys changed their gear to accelerate more for the wind. Jim and I however decided to leave it alone. Second straight I needed the speed, and so did Jim. First moto Saturday I had my two biggest competitors Mike Aumann, and Scott Kraker. Figured I might be able to catch them this time, and I had another rider, Christensen, who is actually an age group older than me and a long time racer. I figure I could beat him, was hoping to chase Aumann and Kraker enough to make them nervous. I had a decent start, and was right in the hunt, that's me on the right! Christensen and I did some elbow wrestling in the second berm and I lost some momentum handing him the last transfer spot, relegating myself to the second moto. Second moto I got a good start and held the lead, setting up a great main event! In the Main I got a great start, and was hot on Kraker and Aumann, with Christensen somewhere behind me, I set my line, and railed the bottom of the first berm, only to hear Christensen, yell out ‘whoa!’ Near as I could tell he was going to try and stuff it inside me and run up the berm but I railed the berm so fast and low he couldn’t do anything but check up. I was able to really haunt Aumann and Kraker for the rest of the race but was unable to pass either of them. On to Sunday, Christensen was bumped up to his age bracket, and we still had 6 riders. This time even thought I haunted Kraker and Aumann all the way they only transferred two. Relegated to the second moto again! Anyway, in the second moto I was able to stay out front again and get the transfer, with some extra confidence for the main! For the big main event, I needed Aumann and Kraker to finish at least 4th and 5th or I would not have enough points to beat them for state championship positon, and at right out of the gate I did my part, I popped the gate and was out front, most of the first straight, Mike had the inside line, but I was able to rail the berm and get inside of him racing those two hard the second straight, and making them earn those #1 and #2 state plates. That is the best I have ever done against those guys and I am super stoked to be the #3 plate for Minnesota right behind these two consummate competitors, they race hard and clean, and it is a joy to ride with them!

On to the class bike! Now we’re having fun! Saturday, I had 4 in my moto, there was a mix of a couple age groups, Mark Brander, a seasoned rider from the next age group younger and I got the pop on the gate and we headed the class for the first moto.  I had a great inside move in the last berm to pass for the lead and proceded to bonk on one of the rollers and give up the only transfer position for round one. Round two, I was able to get out front and get the transfer without much of a challenge. Saturday’s main Brander and I fought it out for 1st and second, unfortunately I was not able to get by him so I ended up with a 2 for Saturday’s race. Against a long time racer I was extremely happy with that result. Sunday’s races were a little different, we had a separate class for 41 and over intermediates! I got a great start and was able to hold off the competition and transfer out of round one with a win. And some extra confidence! Main event time on Sunday was a repeat of the first Moto, I popped out of the gate and got out front, locking up a win and the #1 state plate for 41 and older!

Even though the season is not over and we have some fun racing at the barn coming up this winter, it has been an awesome season! I am so thankful to all my sponsors, FELT bikes and their awesome frames! BELL helmets for protecting my noggin, ODI and their grips that keep me connected to the bike, BOMBSHELL parts for their super stiff carbon forks and stout wheels! And REVOLUTION CYCLE AND SKI for all the help and support that they offer not only me but the rest of the Revolution team and the bicycle community as a whole!  Here is a photo of most of the team, as you can see we had a pretty successful state championship weekend!

We didn't get photos of everyone on the stage for awards but here are a few!

The following link is a video from the state finals on the rum river BMX ihigh page...
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