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Updates on INDY show
As some if not all of you know God has graced me with an opportunity to live a dream!  I’ve wanted to be a professional racer all my life, and through my addictions, and running from the Lord I’ve never had the opportunity.  Now with my life in order, and the HUGE blessing of my GOD appointed wife Patty, I know that this is the time God has allotted for my opportunity!
With my life given over to God, the talents he has blessed me with, and through circumstances that could ONLY be arranged by HIM, I am leaving Friday for Colorado, I will be participating in a reality type TV show, and the winner gets a seat in the INDY LIGHTS series!  There is 12 drivers trying for one spot on a INDY LIGHTS team. 
The following links are for the Speedway Drivers Search tv show and my website.  Although I am not sure what I will be able to post but anything I can I will try to get up ASAP on my website…
May God Bless each and every one of you more than you could ever dream or imagine!

Brett Donahue, a forgiven God fearing man with integrity,conviction, and freedom!


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