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Brett's Racing Resume
My racing career begins

  • I began Dirt Track racing Motorcycles for my father’s store in 1982.
  • Ran several races. Mainly in MN and WI along with my brother, limited success a few top 5’s and a couple of wins.

1987-1988    CRA                                      
My road racing career starts

  • In 1987 and 1988 I began my bare bones effort to go road racing. 
  • Because my family was busy with the Dirt Track, I was on my own to start this phase of my racing career.

1989                                       CRA
My success at racing begins

  • With some help from Dad and Delano Sports Center my career begins to take off.
  • With a New Yamaha FZR 600 in Production trim I proceeded to capture the #2 plate in the novice division.
  • Winning Middleweight Production Class
  • Winning Middleweight Super Sport Class
  • 2 In Middleweight Super Bike Class
  • All on a Production Legal Motorcycle

1990                                 CRA
Harley Davidson Begins Spec Class

  • 1st Season of H-D Sportster racing I won every race in the class, 5 total. Winning the Championship.
  • 1st year they ran a National series with the AMA.  I finished 2nd in Brainerd & 5th at Road America.
  • Also riding in the 5 hour endurance on a FZR 600 with 2 other racers we finished 2nd in the unlimited class.
  • 1991 Was an off year.  I only won 2 races this was also a short season for me as I missed a race event.
  • 1992 Back on form I took 2nd place in the H-D class overall with 2 wins, 1 second & 2 third place finishes.
  • 1993  CRA introduced a new class- sportsman in which I could run my Sportster.  I won both the Sportster class & Sportsman overall with 6 wins and 2 second places.
  • 1994 Won sportsman class overall,  politics got in the way of my Sportster class championship.  Season: 4 wins 2 seconds & 1 third place finish.
  • 1995 Politics aside,   back to normal racing 2 more championships Sportsman &  H-D Sportster class with 4 wins, 2 seconds & 2 third place finishes.

1996-1999    Legend Cars
Switching to cars to try something new.

  • Legend cars are a spec car that is a 5/8th scale race car.  
  • 1996 running at Raceway Park in Shakopee I collected 2 victories.
  • 1997 running at I-94 speedway & Raceway Park I collected 3 wins & a third place in the track championship at I-94.
  • 1998 running at I-94 exclusively I collected 4 wins and countless top 5’s I finished fourth in track championship points.
  • 1999 I ran a very limited schedule as the car was crashed first time out but I did manage to win a race.
  • While running legend cars they had an event at a regional motorcycle road race in Brainerd where we had a few Legend cars. This was the only road race for Legends that I ran and I did manage to win it.
  • After running Legends for the few years I had an opportunity to drive an IMCA 360 sprint car at 2 different short tracks.  I decided that Legend cars just plain weren’t fast enough for me.  So I sold my Legend car and decided to either get into the sprint car or go back to racing motorcycles.

2000-2007          CRA
Back to Motorcycles

  • Fall 1999 to spring 2000 I built a single cylinder race bike looking for a bike that would be fairly easy to maintain yet a real road racing bike with Gran Prix handling.  The bike I built is a Yamaha TZ 250 chassis with a Rotax 600 single four stroke motor custom fit into it.  The motor our family has good experience with since we used the same type of motor for dirt track racing for 10 years
  • 2000 with a new bike and limited track time to set it up I finished 8 in overall points for the CRA against a couple hundred other racers in many classes with 8 wins, 2 second place finishes, and 2 third place finishes.
  • 2001 second year with this bike and limited crew I had another successful season with 7 wins and 1 second place finish.  Resulting in a 250 GP class championship and 3 in the sportsman class.
  • 2002 was a successful season as far as race wins with 7 wins, two second place finishes and a third, but did not end up with any championships because of a couple of mechanicals early in the season.  I did however win a special event, a handicapped start race called the Framstad Cup. Where the start is staggered but average lap times so that in theory all racers, approx 30, should finish at the same time.
  • 2003 was again a very successful season for me finishing 5th overall in the points championship taking 2nd place in the sportsman class championship and 3rd in both the light weight and ultra light GP classes.  With 11 race wins, 5 second’s, and 2 third place finishes.
  • 2005-2007 I acquired Husaberg as an additional line in the store and have been running some SuperMoto races.  Mainly for fun and to keep my riding skills sharp.

2007-2011      INDY? TV?
Now what???

  • Over these years I was having quite a change in my life, I got saved, went through a lifestyle management training series designed by Dr. Phil after seeing a counselor in Colorado Springs.  While visiting this counselors office, I hit it off with one of the other counselors, not the one I was seeing professionally, and His friend who worked for Colorado Indy Racing.  He recommended I send my resume in for the Speedway Drivers Search TV show. Which I did
  • November 07 I finally had a chance to drive and Audition!  first time in an Indy car and I was pretty darn fast for an old guy with almost NO formula car experience
  • Almost 2 years later, the actual first 'episode' was being recorded, there are some highlights, and pilot short films on  what a great time, and Hopefully someday the show will actually air.
  • In the mean time, My step son Jim wanted to try BMX racing, So of course I cant just watch I drug out my old Cruiser and started BMX racing too, after a short time Jim and I had 3 new racing bikes, which has now grown to 5 bikes.
  • Breaking my shoulder blade in July 09 riding a BMX bike, which hurt my season, but did not slow me down in the Indy car in September of 09.
  • 2010 season I had a great time, getting in shape and racing my bicycle lots!  earning Two Minnesota State Plates! 3rd place in 41-45 year old cruiser (24" wheels) and #1 in 41 and older!
  • We went to the American Bicycle Association finals in Tulsa, "Grands" they call it, I managed to get into the Main on my 'class bike' (20" wheels)  and got a 4th in the 41+ intermediate class!






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